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Details of the types of Research & Development (R&D) reliefs are summarised by clicking on the side bar “About Fiscal Incentives”.  We focus on the availability of R&D reliefs on projects involving complex enabling works including remediation and demolition works or where there is a complex design or process problem that needs to be overcome either in the ground or in the development of the buildings themselves.

Using engineers and scientists across a number of disciplines to drive engagement with clients ensures that all cases are researched and prepared from a position of authority.  This ensures that all claims are robust leading to around £200m of successful claims with a 100% success rate.

Research indicates that there is hidden R&D in the development of these complex and contaminated sites that remains unclaimed both in the hands of the principle developer as well as with the consultants involved in delivering a design solution. 

one conversation

The intention is to deliver a comprehensive service that captures both the Land Remediation Relief and R&D relief potential in one conversation on all of our client’s projects. This is achieved by combining the technical and commercial research required for both reliefs into one exercise. The aspects of this service that is particular to the R&D element are as follows:

+ Feasibility Studies

We assess the likelihood of a claim before preparing a full report

+ Full Claim Service

We produce a technical report and full costings to arrive at claims

+ Second Opinion Services

We review previous claims and costings to increase claims

+ Real-time Assessment Procedure

We assess R&D on a rolling or frequent basis to ensure prompt calculation of claims

+ Enquiry Support Services

We support companies in negotiations with HMRC

+ Manage the Interface with Land Remediation Relief

We ensure that there is no double counting of costs

+ International Claims

We support claims outside the UK from other jurisdictions

+ Corporate Acquisition Due Diligence

Where companies are acquired, we can help with claims for R&D credits for accounting periods that are still open

The benefit for the client is that they only have to have one conversation to address both Land Remediation Relief and R&D, there is only one conversation with technical and commercial staff and there is no risk of any penalties for double counting costs.

For more information about how we can help you assess the potential for you to claim the relief please contact