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The Fiscal Incentives Group was formed in June 2015 to help businesses maximise the value from tax incentives. We are independent and work exclusively with tax incentives applicable to property owners, occupiers and developers.

We are passionate about what we do and will provide support to anyone who needs help navigating their way through the complexities of tax legislation or with dissecting building costs, however, our primary focus is on national and regional housebuilders, property investors, developers engaged in large complex projects and businesses with significant land and property holdings.

Our vision…

To become the leading advisor on tax incentives for clients operating in the property, development and occupier sectors and to play a key role in shaping the future landscape of tax incentives.

Our mission…

To help businesses prosper through the use of tax incentives.

+ Our Team

Our Team

We are a team of 10 and all come with a strong project and corporate background having worked in the tax departments of large multidisciplinary practices. We have gained extensive experience advising clients across a multitude of sectors and project types across the full suite of tax allowances and reliefs.

Our core surveying skills provide the foundations of our service offering but this is underpinned by an expert understanding of the legislation and, more particularly, how it applies across the multitude of complex scenarios encountered by our clients every day.

The senior members of the team are Ben de WaalRoderic van Hoof, Thomas RendleAlun Thomas and Nathan Winnall

+ Our Lobbying

Our Lobbying

Land Remediation Relief

Our team has been involved in successful lobbying with the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) to both prevent the abolition of Land Remediation Relief in 2010 and to argue the case for more relief to be provided for derelict sites and for the relief to be extended to include Japanese Knotweed treatment costs. Both of these provisions are now included in Part 14 CTA2009. Further lobbying followed in February 2016 to support a modernisation of the relief which was supported by both the Home Builders Federation and EIC. Following meetings with HM Treasury further reports were submitted to address their concerns around additionality and deadweight. Lobbying efforts continue as we and others seek to promote a balanced approach to development that includes both brownfield and greenfield development through the effective design and application of tax incentives.

Relevant documents include:

CLC letter to Gov – Jan 21
HMT LRR Addendum 200516_Exc App1
HMT LRR submission 070216

+ Our Service Commitment

Our Service Commitment

You can take integrity, reliability and dedication for granted but we aim to be defined and held accountable for delivering our priority service commitments:

HEALTH & SAFETY: The health and safety of our people and all those engaged in the fulfilment of our services will be treated as the highest priory.
TO LISTEN: We will always take time to listen so that we fully understand your business and project priorities so that targeted responses can be delivered to meet your business needs.
TO ENHANCE: We will maximise the value you receive from tax incentives and ensure you receive your full entitlement to tax relief.
TO PROTECT: We will ensure your interests are protected at each stage of the project lifecycle, particularly at transaction points where negotiation with third parties may be required.
TO CONNECT: We will help your business become better connected by helping to bridge the gap between the teams responsible for tax and the teams responsible for project delivery.
TO EMPOWER: We will empower our clients with sufficient knowledge and information to allow them to make better strategic decisions when buying and selling property and when procuring new projects.
TO MINIMISE DISRUPTION: Our proven processes for preparing claims are designed to minimise the impact on your day to day business operations.
TO MANAGE RISK: We operate in an open and transparent way and manage risk proactively by risk rating our claims and drafting disclosures where appropriate.
CONTINGENT FEES: We will provide initial reviews and consultations free of charge and our fees for preparing claims will be based on the amount of tax relief agreed with HMRC. So, the risk of getting the tax relief sits entirely with us.
TO LOBBY: We are keen to see the framework of incentives expand to enable new markets and technologies to evolve. We will collaborate with clients and industry representatives to prepare strong business cases to present to Treasury.

+ Our Strengths

Our Strengths

It is our intention to build long term relationships with all of our clients and believe that it is our core strengths that will differentiate us from other advisors operating in this field.

OUR SIZE: We are an independent niche company which specialises exclusively in tax incentives. We are not distracted by corporate protocols allowing us more time to focus on delivering the best outcomes for our clients.
OUR COMPETITIVE FEES: Our size and efficient processes mean we can invest in the best staff whilst also remaining competitive.
OUR EXPERIENCE: Our team has gained significant experience helping clients claim over £3bn of tax incentives. As a result there are very few scenarios encountered which are unfamiliar, allowing a robust and confident solution to be provided.
OUR DIFFERENTIATOR: For Land Remediation Relief claims we are the leading team in the UK with the experience and resource to manage large scale claims for national and large regional housebuilders.

OUR APPROACH TO DISSECTING COSTS: Construction contract pricing documentation does not readily identify allowable costs. Our core quantity surveying skills are used to dissect costs meaning you will get 100% of what you are entitled to – no allowable costs will be missed.
OUR TECHICAL EXPERTISE: We don’t just look for the obvious core costs that qualify. We use our technical knowledge of the legislation as well as our knowledge of building designs and construction sequencing to identify related costs too.
OUR COMMITMENT TO CLIENT ENGAGEMENT: We support our clients by actively engaging them in the process so the necessary buy in is achieved at all levels. We achieve this through training sessions, technical updates and feedback on results.
OUR NEGOTIATING SKILLS: We have a solid track record in negotiating claims with HMRC. In particular our team led the enquiry into the major house builder land remediation relief claims in 2009 which resulted in a loss of just 3% of the claim on expenditure totalling over £500m.
OUR RECRUITMENT POLICY: All new graduates will be trained through the RICS Taxation Pathway as their route to professional qualification.

+ Our Business
Our Business
Our Company Registration Number:09486275
Our Registered Office:42 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1TS
Our VAT Registration Number:213 9020 47
Our Year End:March
Our Professional Indemnity Provider:Aqueous Underwriting 19*AQS00225618
Our Employers Liability Insurer:Aviva Insurance Limited 970SP3118843
Our Public & Products Liability Insurer:Aviva Insurance Limited 970SP3118843
Our Regulator:Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Our RICS Registration Number:761500
Our Memberships:British Property Federation
Environmental Industries Commission
Investment Property Forum
Home Builders Federation

We also have a Corporate Responsibility commitment to contribute 2 days per annum from all members of staff to support our client’s CR projects and those of our supported charity, Acorns.  For further information or to propose a CR project please email Ben.dewaal@tfigroup.co.uk